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Supporting Infrastructure Investments: Reinvigorating America with Immediate Job Growth

Bernard L. Schwartz

The current jobs and infrastructure deficits in America are among the most profound dilemmas our country has faced in decades.

As of March 2013, 12 million workers are unemployed and an additional 14.5 million are underemployed or have simply given up looking for jobs. On the infrastructure front, we have dangerously outmoded roads, bridges and rail systems; an antiquated air traffic control system; vulnerable water and wastewater systems; an embarrassingly low world ranking in broadband penetration; an inadequate electric grid; and, aging ports susceptible to security breaches. The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that we would need to invest more than $2 trillion over the next five years to bring our infrastructure up to acceptable levels. Yet, as a nation, we have yet to find the solution to joblessness. It is clear that a broad and aggressive multi-year infrastructure investment program is an immediate way to create roughly 6 - 8 million jobs right here in the U.S.

Launching a major infrastructure investment program, such as a national infrastructure bank, has been recognized by the Administration, proposed legislation, economists and academics as the best way to tackle these two pressing issues. Articles, interviews and conference transcripts on this website explore the beneficial connection between the launch of such a program and job creation.

Bernard Schwartz discusses the economy, infrastructure and his jobs plan on the Charlie Rose show.

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Bernard Schwartz explains his
$1.2 trillion jobs plan on CNBC.

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March 13, 2012:

Fund for Public Advocacy: Long-term Liabilities and Re-thinking Pension Investments. Bernard Schwartz makes introductory remarks.

June 8, 2011:

The Atlantic and Bernard Schwartz sponsor conference: A Bank to Rebuild America featuring Sens. Kerry, Hutchison and Warner.
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April 2, 2011:

New York Issues Conference of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: Remarks by Bernard Schwartz
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March 16, 2011:

Center on Law & Public Finance: Reinvesting In America Feature - An Interview with Bernard Schwartz
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March 15, 2011

U.S. Chamber, AFL-CIO Urge Infrastructure Bank
Bi-Partisan Kerry, Hutchison, Warner BUILD Act Creates Jobs, Strengthens Competitiveness

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February 9, 2011

The American Interest: Bank On It - A Conversation With Bernard Schwartz

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January 24, 2011

DeLauro, Colleagues Introduce Job-Creating National Infrastructure Development Bank Act

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January 5, 2011

Financial Times: Now Obama Needs to Talk Up America - by Bernard Schwartz and David Rothkopf

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August 2010

Bernard Schwartz, in partnership with the New America Foundation, Calls for $1.2 Trillion Multi-Year Jobs and Infrastructure Program

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June 10, 2008

Redressing America's Public Infrastructure Deficit
Testimony Before The House Committee On Transportation And Infrastructure
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